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When there’s a lot going on ... A simple fastening mechanism not only makes the Promotional-Fan into the perfect mailing incentive but also a major information bearer. The fan can be customised on both sides.


The next barbecue party is scheduled and your individually designed barbecue-spice-
packet will be present. The Grill & Chill barbecue flavour with onions, peppers,
paprika and many more arranges the piquancy of your advertising message.
With the large advertising space, the favourable price and the light weight, this
summer greeting suits perfect for your next customer campaign.

Plant-wood round

The enclosed seeds and peat tab are planted directly in the genuine maple round
plant-wood. There’s plenty of space for your advertising on the surrounding band;
additionally, have your logo laser-engraved. A lot of seeds like Sunflowers,
Summerflowers, Basil and many more.

Summer Greetings

The ease of the butterfly or the colourful flower sweetens the waiting of the recipient for the holiday and offers a vivid ray of hope on each desk or window sill. Made
of bright red and green felt together with decorative wood, the butterfly and the flower want to be rigged up to spread some garden flair in every office. The characters
will be delivered in either a transparent promotional sleeve with an inlay for the individual message or in a card (DIN long format) which can be completely customised on one or both sides. Additional advertising is possible on the products through laser engraving or printing.

Paint-set Relax

Together with the paint-set, a comprehensive package of relaxation will be delivered. Consisting of a 16 pages painting book as well as eight high-quality, made of biological plastic, fineliners of the brand Schneider, the paint-set offers plenty of space for your individual advertising message on the paper band. The painting book is available with the topics „Black Forest“ or „Phantasy“.


The seed-bag comes in two sizes, can be customised and its contents chosen
from a range of different seeds.

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