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Advertising fan with complete programme of the Football World Cup 2018

Who will be the World Champion 2018?
Shortly, the Football World Cup will begin with summerlike temperatures and you´ll keep your fingers crossed for your National Team.
There is hardly any event that offers more
occasion to dispatch an advertising message!

The fan combines several functions in
one and can be mounted easily.
• It refreshment
• Contains a printed programme of the whole World Cup
• Its minimal folded size makes it to an cost-attractive mailing article
• Can be distributed perfectly at Public Viewings

Individual bonus stamps and bonus cards

Customer retention and purchase incentive to the Football World Cup 2018
The bonus card in cheque card format with the appropriate stamp (12 mm imprint) and integrated stamp pad is a proven marketing concept. Unlike electronic bonus collecting systems, the aim here is always in the view of the loyal customer.

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